The exhibit Opens on March 1, 2013!

We will be opening this exhibit of Native American Art – From Alaska to Arizona – on March 1, 2013. Thanks to those who are sponsoring our efforts as well as those who are donating much of the time to make this happen.  You can donate! Simply contact us via the contact form on the right. We will be in touch right away with an email where you can send us information about Native American art and artifacts that you would like to be displayed here.


Whether you are talking about a necklace like the one pictured to the right, or ornate turquise and silver jewelry or finely crafted beadwork on necklaces, chokers, armbands, and etc, the work of Native American jewelers stands out in sheer craftsmanship, quality and timeless beauty.


Walking a mile in another person’s moccasins became a saying for a reason. To feel what a person feels, to truly understand their point of view, you must literally walk in their shoes. Again the artwork, bead work and handcrafted design of the Native Americans is shown in pair after pair of handcrafted moccasins. Everything from Muk-luks which both warmed and protected the tribes of Alaska, to the moccasins of the Hopi, which kept the hot sand, snakes and sharp rocks from the desert away from their feet.

Pottery exhibits

One of the most beautiful and common Native American works of Art to be featured as part of our online art festival. Have some handcrafted, Native American pottery to “donate”? It is simple! Contact us via the form on the right and we will contact you will an email address to send the photograph as well as details about Tribe, Date of Origin, Location and other information about your pottery. Beyond simple utilitarian vessels to hold water, grain and other materials, native american pottery is truly one of the most beautiful handcrafted works of art by these tribes.

Native American Pottery




We will be featuring many different kinds of Aleutian and Native American Totems. Images from all over the web as well as pictures from people who have taken them from Alaska to Arizona and beyond.